Credits and Sources for Phillip Williams Genealogy

  1. Philip William's War of 1812 discharge papers.
  2. Philip and his wife Catharine were named in documents related to the settlement of Jacob Miller's estate.
  3. Family history from Linda Stufflebean of Alta Loma, CA. Information gleaned from Jacob Miller's pension file, court records,etc.
  4. In a sworn deposition filed at the courthouse, Lent Williams (son of Sherrod Williams) attested to witnessing this marriage. Elizabeth Stubblefield was born Oct. 10, 1821 in Franklin Co., Tenn.
  5. Much of this information was researched and provided by Betty W. Houston of Clinton, Mississippi. She is the Great-Great-Granddaughter of Jacob Marion Williams.
  6. Madison Williams was another son of Sherrod Williams who was a prominent person in Franklin County, Tenn.
  7. Land Warrant #40634
  8. Source: 1850 census. Often ages are wrong as any of the children would often guess or even lie on ages if they were the ones questioned by the census taker.
  9. Besides the 40 acres sold to him by Philip on the N.W. quarter of N.E. quarter Section 9, township 41, Range 8 West, William J. had 80 acres located on the east half of S.E. quarter of section 22, township 42, range 8 west and another 45 acres in Section 19, township 42, Range 7 West. Philip had another 40 acres on the S.E. quarter of N.E. quarter, section 22, township 42, range 8; in Osage County, Jefferson Township.
  10. The name "Glasco is a Scottish surname, but as of yet it hasn't been determined where Jame's dad arrived from.
  11. An 1860 census shows Jemima and her son Thomas Williams living with Nathaniel Stubblefield and his children.
  12. Francis Owens shows up in the 1860 census in Phelps county with Jemima's husband's relative, Johnathan Stubblefield. His wife Elizabeth Williams had already died.
  13. Glasco family history from Laverne Hoffman in St. Louis. Laverne is the Great- Great-Granddaughter of James Glasco.
  14. James Glasco's children­Sarah, born around 1832, married Amos Hale Sept. 10, 1856; Margaret Agnes, born around 1833, married Philip Williams; Maria, born about 1838, married Joel Hale April 12, 1857; Caroline, born around 1841; Lucy Ann, born around 1844, married Calvin Harrison March 30, 1862; Susan, born around 1847, married James Strickland March 8, 1868; Catherine, born 1849; and probably born from a previous marriage-Richard, born approx. 1821.
  15. This information is from Elizabeth (Stubblefield) William's application for Williams J.'s Mexican War pension. She was denied since he served less than sixty days.
  16. The original letter is in the possession of Ruth Williams Carlsen of Stratford, Iowa
  17. More than likely, the reference to his grandfather is Jacob Miller, his mother's dad who fought at the "Battle of Brandywine" while serving in the cavalry during the Revolutionary War.
  18. Secesh would be short for secessionist, which was a person who wanted to separate his State from the Federal Union.
  19. "History of Gasconade County", pg 654 & 655
  20. "Osage Co. Directory & Statistical Compendum" by Vaugn, page 11.
  21. information taken from the Pension Application of Elizabeth Williams (Stubblefield) after William had died.
  22. This information is from Oma Nevaleen (Williams) Erwin of Lees Summit, Missouri; great-granddaughter of William Jefferson Williams.
  23. 160 acres, NE 1/4 sec 7, twshp 44, range 7. 78 1/2 acres, lot 1 of NW sec. 7, twshp 44 range 7. Both Osage County, Jefferson Township. This information from Betty Houston research.
  24. As told by Emily Aulicino- a teacher in Portland Oregon. Emily was a descendent of William J. Williams.
  25. The Francis family was related to William J. through his mother's family and was part of the "groups of families" that migrated to Missouri from Tennessee.
  26. Philip's farm home was located on top of the hill overlooking the valley on Bell's creek on the N.W. corner of farm roads HH & HH521. There's nothing there at this time.
  27. James Glasco is buried at the Antioch cemetery just a couple of miles Southeast of Crocker, Missouri. James's wife's burial spot is unknown.
  28. According to Ruth Williams Carlsen; Granddaughter of John (Banty) Williams.
  29. According to Charles Williams of Tulsa (grandson of Charlie Edward).
  30. This information is taken from the Hancock family history.
  31. There probably weren't many single men to choose from. In 1890;. seven years after she married, there were only 100 residents in Crocker, 500 in Dixon, and 150 in Waynesville.
  32. According to his pension application in 1890. The community of Hancock first named Iron Summit still exists and may be named after his family.
  33. According to Yvonne Johnson who is a granddaughter of John A. Williams (Banty).
  34. Mary Hedrick (Knowles) widower's pension application. #722185
  35. pension #653326
  36. Piles according to the Webster dictionary is another term for hemorrhoids.
  37. Source:"History of Oklahoma and Indian Territory; Homeseeker's Guide." Chieftain Publ. Co., 1906, Vinita OK
  38. Daisy (sister of Charlie) and Husband Tom Hamilton buried Sewell cemetery near Crocker.
  39. Campbell was renamed Gore in Oct. 22, 1909, to honor Senator Thomas Gore.
  40. Daisy B. Williams (daughter of Charlie) is buried in Bryan cemetery. It is located on the property of William (Buddy) Hodges, about 5 miles north of Gore, on Highway 100, a half-block off the east side of the road, across from the Shangri-La Motel, maybe a half mile from the Illinois River. Most of the few stones in this cemetery have been destroyed and sheep roam through the gravestones. Daisy's concrete marker has a tree growing out from under it.
  41. Don Williams said she had cancer that badly ate away her face and neck.
  42. Information from Sylvia Fielden (daughter of Clint Williams)
  43. Don Williams accompanied his dad once along with another brother.