William Cate’s Claimed Losses

Item 1 - 2825 lbs bacon: Claimant saw it taken from smoke-house in Dec. 1863, by Sherman’s army; they were camped nearby. claimant had 800 lbs of old bacon besides bacon from 16 hogs weighing 200 each; was promised a voucher by federal Colonel Bushback; they left before he could go and get it. General Howard’s men got nearly all of it; army supposed to be 40,000 strong. Witness Brown saw several hundred pounds of bacon taken. Claimant had killed 26 hogs; witness shot them himself; they would average 200; Claimant’s also had “a good big lot” of old bacon when the army came; they were several days taking it; thinks they got 3000 pounds of bacon. R.J. Cate says they had killed 25 to 30 hogs averaging 200, had used 200 or 300 lbs before federals came; had the bacon also of 20 hogs killed the year before and put away. Claimant said some taken at night.

Item 2 - 705 lbs flour: Claimant saw the flour taken at same time; had weighed it and part was in branded sacks; Brown saw soldiers taking the sacks of flour two at a time. R.J. Cate testifies to taking.

Item 3 - 307 bushels corn: Claimant saw it taken; helped them bush about 50 sacks of it; fed some at house; took rest away to camp on different days. Brown: had 350 bush; left about 50. R.J. Cate: 35 acres in corn, average 25 bush; 2/3 was taken by federals.

Item 4 - 21,000 lbs hay: Claimant saw it taken at same time, did not see it all taken; saw first and last taken. Brown: 75 acres of meadow in ‘63 mowed; clover and timothy; was in ricks; saw it used on the spot and removed to camp in wagons; one rick contained 24 wagon load; 24,000 lbs of hay in rick, and 2 stacks containing 4,000; didn’t see last taken, but it was gone. R.J. Cate: 55 acres; 2 ricks and 2 stacks. J.L. Leeper: 60 to 70 acres; 2 barns full and several ricks, 18 to 20 loads to a stack. G.A. Cate: 60 acres, rebels got 12 wagon loads, before it was put up.

Item 5 - 102 lbs salt. Army was out of supplies and took all claimant had but about 10 or 12 lbs in December 1863. Claimant saw it taken.

Item 6 - 35 sheep. Claimant did not see taken. Brown: saw 60 sheep taken out of field and driven away. R.J. Cate, saw 35 or 40 driven away.

Item 7 - 40 tons straw: Claimant saw most of it taken at same time. Saw them remove it. Brown: straw from 50 acres; 2 large ricks. R.J. Cate saw it hauled from ricks. Leeper: 2 large ricks.

Item 8 - 3 loads timber. Claimant didn’t see it taken; saw it afterwards in Cleveland in army possession; was used to repair government wagons taken in (?) 64 by post quartermaster.

Item 9 - 500 lbs bar iron. Claimant loaned the iron to Quartermaster to repair wagons and shoe horses in (?) 64. Quartermaster left suddenly but gave order to his successor for the quantity loaned, but could not get any iron returned or pay for it; said the order of previous Quartermaster was no voucher to him. R.J. Cate saw it taken.

Item 10 - 1220 lbs pork. Claimant: Soldiers killed 9 hogs; and estimated some taken at night. Lowe: heard soldiers admit to Claimant’s that they had got 350 lbs; were short of rations.

Item 11 - 250 doz oats. Claimant: taken in Feb ‘64 by 1st Tennessee Cavalry and used in camp. Brown: 400 doz. oats; stacked them; worth 50˘ a dozen; didn’t see taken. R.J. Cate: 250 to 300 doz. in barn.

Part II - Notes from the Office of the Commissioners of Claims
with Instructions on how to Deal With Bradley County Claims