LOONEYVILLE, TEXAS. Looneyville, a farming community near the
junction of Farm roads 225 and 343 sixteen miles northwest of Nacogdoches
in northwestern Nacogdoches County, was first settled around the time of
the Civil War. The community was named for John Looney, who opened a
store there in the early 1870s. A post office was established in
Looney's store in 1874. The post office was closed in 1878 but reopened
in 1889 and operated until 1905. Early on the Looneyville economy was
based on lumbering, and a number of sawmills operated there at the end
of the 1800s. At its height in the 1890s Looneyville had a population of
100 and a gin, a store, several sawmills, and a commissary operated by
one of the lumber companies. A school was in operation by 1900; in 1904
it had an enrollment of thirty-two. The population declined after World
War I, but during the 1930s Looneyville still had a church, a school,
two stores, and an estimated population of forty. The school later
closed; during the early 1960s the community consisted of a church and a
store. In the early 1990s Looneyville was a dispersed rural community.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Nacogdoches County Genealogical Society,
Nacogdoches County Families (Dallas: Curtis, 1985).
Christopher Long