Courtney Norman Connection

I've received numerous emails from genealogists stating they believe my James H. Norman is related to their "Courtney Norman" line.

And yes, I strongly suspect that my James H. Norman is indeed the son of Courtney Norman, a line of Normans on which much research has been done and can be found online. Numerous pieces of circumstantial evidence support my belief, not the least of which is the "Jett" connection that runs in the family, but there is no concrete fact or evidence to bear such a without-a-doubt-claim and may never be found.

I suppose that a DNA comparison from one of my Norman cousins might support such a connection to another Courtney descendent, but the test wouldn't tell me if James was a son or just a relative. And besides, not knowing for sure is half the intrique. But if you do find that fact, you better let me know. LOL

Danny Williams

Sand Spings, OK

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