Wiley Family

James Harvey Norman's wife Nancy was the daughter of Alexander Wiley.

ALEXANDER WILEY was born about 1753; supposedly while at sea during his parents' voyage to America from Northern Ireland or Scotland. He married MARTHA NOEL on March 25, 1779 in Caswell County, North Carolina. He died July 24,1833 in Anderson County, Tennessee.

Alexander fought in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted as a private from Orange County, North Carolina and later re-enlisted as a blacksmith.

In 1791 Alexander sold his land and the Wiley family removed to Tennessee, eventually settling in Roane County.

At the time of his death in 1833 he was reportedly living in Anderson County, Tennessee, where he had applied for a Revolutionary War Pension in 1832. His grave in Anderson County is apparently unmarked.

When his daughterNancy Wiley married James Norman in 1829, Nancy's brother Henry Wiley paid the surety.

Henry, who would become wealthy, served as Register of Deeds in Roane County from 1833 to 1836 and as County Court Clerk from 1836 to 1840.

He opened the famous Poplar Creek seam of coal in Morgan County.

In 1838, Henry H. Wiley formed a partnership with Kingston lawyer, William S. McEwen, for the purpose of acquiring and clearing the titles to several 5000-acre tracts of coal lands situated in Morgan and Anderson counties. In 1872 the partnership was expanded to form the Coal Creek Mining and Manufacturing Company which owned more than 35,000 acres of coal land. The heirs of Henry H. Wiley and William S. McEwen continued to expand the Land Companies operations and in 1881 were the prime movers in the organization of the Poplar Creek Coal and Iron Company which owned approximately 7000 acres of coal land.

This information is from Mary Campbell Wiley. For her complete story, visit her site at http://www.ela-iet.com/MWC/mwc1.htm

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