Alexander A. Clingan Moved a Prisoner
and Spent Some County Money in 1842

Many petitions were written by residents of Bradley County to the Tennessee State Legislature in the years between 1837 and 1866. The Bradley County Historical Society has sponsored the transcription and reproduction of these petitions in order to provide added research material and enhance our understanding of those who have gone before. And I hope they don't mind my including this transcript which I pulled from the Bradley Genweb-site to add a little insight to our Clingan lineage.


Petition Number 38, Year 1842_
[The envelope is addressed to G. W. Rowles, Nashville, and postmarked in Cleveland]

Petition of Alexander A. Clingan, Sheriff of Bradley COunty, praying to refund certain money expended by him in conveying Alexander Webb to the Penitentiary of the State.
Ho Ref Janry 17th, 1840. Read & refered to Comt. on Economy[?]. Tho. A. Brown, clk.

The committee on Clames has had under consideration a petition from the sheriff of Bradley county praying for [--?--]tion, and the committee has authorised me to Report it unreasonable and ought not to be granted. Report concurred in Jan. 20th 1842.

To the Senate and house of Representatives of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee now in Session 1841. The Petition of Alexander A. Clingan, high Sheriff for the county of Bradley in said State. Humbly represents shows that at the April Term 1840 of the Circuit Court of said county, Alexander Webb was convicted of the crime of Murder in the Second degree, and was Sentenced to be confined in the penitentiary for the Term of Fourteen years. Your Petitioner was then and yet is high Sheriff for said county and chargeable with safe conveyance of said convict from the jail of said county to the penitentiary of the state. Said convict had a numerous relations in the state & resided between Bradley jail and the penitentiary. Your petitioner was advised that they had meditated a rescue of said convict from your petitioner. In consequence of which your petitioner employed a strong guard to convey said prisoner & did convey him safely to the penitentiary of the state where he was safely confined under said sentence. Your petitioner further represents that the judge of Bradley Circuit Court did not enter it of record the necessary number of a guard to convey said convict, and the keeper of the penitentiary refused pay to the guard except Two.,and your petitioner having employed Four of a guard to convey said convict, which left your petitioner the costs and charges of paying Two of said guard, which was oppresive and unjust on your petitioner. Your petitioner Therefore prays the passage of a law compelling the treasurer of the state or the keeper of the penitentiary to refund or pay to your Petitioner the amount so paid by your Petitioner to said Two of the guard.
The premises considered your petitioner will for every pray
A. A. Clingan
State of Tennessee
Bradley County

This day personally appeared before the undersigned one the the acting Justices of the peace for said county Alexander A. Clingan & made oath that mount asked for to be refunded in the above petition amounts to the sum of Fourty dollars & fourty cents.

A. A. Clingan
Sworn to & subscribed before me this 30th December 1841.
James Mitchell, Justice of the Peace for Bradley County
State of Tennessee
Bradley County

This day personally appeared before the undersigned an acting Justice of the peace for said county James Donohoo & made oath that the grievance set forth in the foregoing petition are true.
James Donohoo
Sworn to & subscribed before me this 18th Dece. 1841.
[illegible] Justice of the Peace

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