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Banty Williams raises Jim Hill?

I received the following family story from "Shirley". She had read the Williams history and e-mailed me a letter describing how Banty had raised her orphaned grandfather-Jim Hill. I don't think she would mind if I shared this.

"Hi, I found it very interesting to read about the family who raised my grandfather...... The story told to me by several relatives was that Banty Williams found my grandfather beside the road, near a corn field. He was about 9 years old, dirty, hungry and crying. Banty took him home and asked his wife [Anne McKinnon] if they could keep him in the home. Ann was reluctant at first because she already had a family to care for, but she agreed saying" What's one more mouth to feed? I don't think it will be a problem."
Banty Williams must have been a good role model because Grandpa said he would never leave his family like his family did him.

James [Jim] and Parlee [Dodd] Hill had eleven children. They moved to IL in 1936 and he did very well as a farmer. Years later grandpa went back to Pulaski Co., Mo., with some of his children. He took them to meet the only real mother he had ever known, Ann Williams. The children remembered she cried when she saw him as if he was one of her own.

I wish I had photos of my grandfather when he was a boy. I know someone in the Banty Williams family must have them. One of his daughters became a teacher and I thought perhaps some of her descendants might know of a photo of James Hill but I don't know any of them."

If you have photos of Jim when he was a boy that you could share with Shirley, please let me know by emailing me from the address found at my home page.

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