Cyrus Norman's Land Deed in Bradley County
Originally Filed 1856

During the Civil War in the year 1864, the Bradley county court records were all burnt in a mysterious fire. Apparently the land deeds were also lost. After the war, in 1867, it is my understanding that county officials asked that landowners; who had deeds, bring them in to be recorded with the courthouse. Apparently Cyrus A. Norman brought in the following deed for land that he purchased in 1856 and which was put on record in1867.

George W. Rowles to C.A. Norman

I, George W. Rowles have this day bargained and sold to Cyrus A. Norman for and in consideration of the sum of six hundred and twelve dollars and ninety-eight cents to me received to be paid by him the following piece or parcel of land situated in Bradley county, Tennessee being part of the Northwest quarter of section twenty-one and the Northeast quarter of section twenty in township two and range one west of the baseline in the Ocoee district the part of said two quarters sold commencing and bounded as follows beginning at a pine stob and stone on the ridge on corner between Cate's and Clingan's and running thence south a parallel and marked line twenty one poles and thirteen feet to a chessnut stake, then east then five degrees south along a marked line from said chessnut stake through said two quarter sections of land until said line strikes the line of Larkin Taylor's heirs supposed to be two hundred and forty poles, then North on said dividing line forty two and a half poles to a corner on the section line where there is a corner on said line being corner to Cate's and Taylor's heirs, Rowle's and James H. Norman's land. Thence west along said section line unto the beginning supposed to contain forty-seven and five-eights acres which said forty-seven and five-eights acres of land as aforesaid I hereby transfer and convey to said C.A. Norman and his heirs forever. To have and to hold the same to the said C.A. norman his heirs and assigns forever. I covenant that I am full seized of said land have good right to convey the same and that is is unencumbered. I further bind myself and my heirs and representatives to warrant and forever defer the title to the same against the claims of all persons whatever.In testimony where I have hereunto sit my hand and seal this 10th March 1856.
Geo. W. Rowles

[pole = 16.5 feet]
[A mile is 320 poles]

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