Pupils in the River-Side School,
for the Month of May 1876.

This school was located southeast of present day Wagoner
on the banks of the Grand River in the Cooweescoowee District of the Cherokee Indian Territory.
It was noted that none of these students spoke Cherokee.

Days Present
Days Absent
William Cobb16163
Mattie Cobb15217
Joseph Cobb1319
Alex Cobb1019
Samuel Cobb919
Addie Cobb5415
George Killough13181
Minnie Killough9154
Cora Killough7109
Lyda Killough6127
Bertha Killough5910
James Norman13712
Mary Norman11136
Albert Norman9910
Cyrus Norman8712
Willie Norman5136
Poca [hantas] Cowan19118
Alex Cowan16145
Walter Jackson12163
Andrew Jackson9172
Minnie Jackson4109
Samuel Gaylor11109
Mandy Ross15?415

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