William Jett Norman's land transaction

The following copy from the Bradley deed book A, page 344 shows William Jett Norman returning to Bradley county, Tennessee from the far southeast corner of Texas to sell his share of his father's estate to his brother Cyrus Norman in 1866. His father had died a year earlier at the end of the Civil War and he had probably returned for the first time in many years.

W. Jett Norman to C.A. Norman

This indenture made the twenty third day of April in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty six between W. Jett Norman of the county of Chambers and State of Texas of the first part and Cyrus Alex. Norman of the county of Bradley and State of Tenessee of the second part [ ] that I the said W. Jett Norman for and in consideration of the sum of twelve hundred dollars to me in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby aknowledged have released and quit claimed and by there presents do release and quit claim unto the said Cyrus Alex. Norman and to his heirs and assigns forever all the rights or interest I have or may have in the estate of Jame Harvey Norman deceased of Bradley county and State Tennessee consisting of lands and tenements goods and chattels rents issues and proffits thereof all the estate right title claims or interest I have is hereby relinquished. The said Cyrus Alex. Norman to have and to hold the same as well in law as in equity together with all appurtenances unto the said C. A. Norman his heirs and assigns forever In witness whereof I have here unto put my hand and seal this the day and year first above mentioned or written.
W. Jett Norman

Personally appeared before me Joseph H. Davis Clerk of the County Court of said county W. Jett Norman the bargainor in the foregoing deed, a man with whom I am personally acquainted who acknowledges the execution of the same for the purpose therein contained. Witness my hand at office in Cleveland this 23rd day of April, 1866.
Joseph H Davis, Clerk

William would make another long trip to Bradley in 1873 to take his mother Nancy [Wiley] Norman to Texas.

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