The following Wall genealogy was written by Abbie Wall in 1936 and has been copied as exactly spelled from the original typewritten documents furnished by and in the possession of Marlin Norman, Wagoner, Ok. 7-14-05 This information may be copied for personal use, but is not to be sold or used for profit without the written permission from the current owner of the original documents.

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J.M. says: Three Wall brothers come from Ireland. Don't know their names. They left Ireland to save their heads for they were against the King.

No names were changed.

One of the three settled in Virginia. We know nothing more about him.

One of the three settled in N.C. We know nothing more about him.

One of the three settled in Richmond Co. Ga. We do NOT know his name, but he is my Great-great Grandfather. He reared 3 sons and 2 daughters. Two of the sons and the 2 daughters we have no record of, but one of the sons was named John W. Wall, and he is my Great-Grandfather.

This John W. Wall lived and died in Ga. He reared 3 sons, namely:

  1. William Wall-he settled in Ala. He reared one son and one daughter; the son died before he got home from the war; the daughter married a Mr. Jenkins.
  2. Evans J. Wall-married in Ga., his wife was untrue to him and he left her and a son in Augusta, Ga., He was last heard from in Monroe, La. (T.P. Wall calls the second son of John W. Wall, "Jim", and says he lived in McDuffie Co. Ga.)
  3. Thomas J. Wall (my grandfather), lived and died in Ga. He married a Wallace- a Scotch lassie. To them were born 7 children, 6 sons and 1 daughter, viz.-
  1. B. Frank Wall-lived and died in Ga. -married Carrie Wilks. They had several children; one son named Wilks, married the daughter of Dean Wall, his father's half brother.
  2. John Thomas Wall (my father) son of Thomas J. Wall, son of John W. Wall, married Martha Caroine Bentley-a Dutch-English lady. In 1888 or 89, with his wife and 6 children he left Ga., going to Anniston, Ala.; then later, to Ark.; and still later to Texas where both he and mother died.
  3. Julius McIra, died in the Civil War. Single.
  4. James N. Wall, lived and died in Ga., married. They reared 2 boys and 2 girls: Thomas Peterson; James; Alice; Annie. James had no children but T.P. did, see their names listed below.
  5. Edwin J. Wall, died in the Civil War. Single.
  6. William E. Wall (living in Atlanta, Ga., in 1935), married. They had 3 sons; Henry; Clarence; Forest; all live at Colledge Park, Atlanta, Ga.
  7. Florinda (known as Rindie) Wall, married Jim Armor, they lived and died in Ga. They had children; one daughter-Rinnie-married an Atkins. Babe Armor still lives in Athens, Ga.

Says J.M.: Our Great-great-grandfather Wall was Irish-come from Ireland. We know not whether his son, John W. Wall (our Great-Grandfather) married an Irish or not - the supposition is that he did. But we do know that his (John W. Wall) son, Thomas J. Wall (our Grandfather) married a Scotch girl, that is, her father ( my Great-Grandfather Wallace) was a full-blood Scotch.

John Thomas Wall (see no. 2 above) and Martha Caroline Bentley Wall (my parents) had 4 sons and 3 daughters born to them namely:

  1. Kara Alice, died in infancy, in Ga.
  2. Julius McIra, married first in Ark. (she died), second in Texas. He died in Texas, see names of children below.
  3. Arthur Darden, married first in Ga., and second in Texas. He now lives in Ga. (1936), see history below.
  4. Matsey Kenneth, married Ida B. Brown, in Ark. One girl was born to them but died in 12 hours. He died in Calif., left no wife or children.
  5. Lessie May, married Benjamine Rufus Fisher in Ark. They moved to Texas and now (1936) live in Oklahoma. See children listed below.
  6. Hillier Tillie, married J. Clara Rowlinson in Texas. See list of children below.
  7. Abbie K., (the writer of this aricle) never married. I KNOW, ha! ha!
Grand-children of John Thomas and Martha Caroline (Bentley) Wall:
J.M. Wall (son of J.T. and M.C. Wall) married Aytch P. Nevills. Their children are:
  1. John Thomas Jr. (he is married and have 2 girls-Gladys and Mildred-and one boy, Lewis, born June 3-1920. Live in Texas.
  2. Floy Elsie, she is married and has several children, the youngest is Geneva Ray, 3 yrs. old (1935). Elsie has 2 grand-daughters; Mary Nell, 4 yrs. old and Billie Marie, 2 years old (1935). Live in Texas.
  3. J.M. Wall, by his second wife-Johnie ?-has 2 daughters and 1 son, namely; Velma (married W.B. Taylor), Elna; and Edwin. All live in Texas.

A.D. Wall, second son of J.T. and M.C. Wall, married Maude Garrard in Ga., to this union 11 children were born, 5 sons and 6 daughters, namely:
  1. Annie Pearl, died at 3 yrsl old. In Ga.
  2. Willie May, died at 2 yrs old. In Ga.
  3. Josie Jewell, married Tom Henry in Texas. They and their children now live in Atlanta.
  4. Minnie John, married in Tex. Died young, left no children.
  5. Laura Esther, married, have children, live in Atlanta, Ga.
  6. Mack Allen, died at 3 yrs. old in Texas.
  7. Mattie Rebecca, single, lives in Atlanta, Ga.
  8. Arthur Thomas, died at 4 months old, in Texas.
  9. Sharpe David, married, has children, lives in Atlanta, Ga.
  10. James B., married, has children, lives in Atlanta, Ga.
  11. Wilmer O., lives in Atlanta, Ga.
A.D. divorced his wife (Maude), the mother of the 11 children named above and married a woman he called Annie. She bore him 2 children, namely: Annie Louise and Arthur D. Jr. They live in Texarkana. Annie deserted A.D.

Lessie M. and B.R. Fisher's children and Grand-children, namely:
  1. Mary Ethel, maried Reuben Colbert, they live in Wagoner, Okla. Their children Elvira; Reuben Benjamine (called Digger); Robert; Jim; Dora Fay; Phillip.
  2. Joseph A., single (1936), lives near Wagoner, Okla.
  3. Benjamine Clifford, married Sarah Lee, live near Wagoner, OK. They have 2 boys, Benjamine Andrew and Lester Lee.
  4. Kenneth Eugene, married Martha Densmore, live near Wagoner, OK. They have 6 children, 1 son and 5 daughters, namely:-Leona, J.B., Virginia May; Martha Gene; Ruby; Wilma Fay.
  5. Ruby Ophelia, married Louis Norman, live near Wagoner, OK. They have a baby girl named Ruby Helen.
  6. Edith Grace, married A.C. Norman Jr. (brother to Louis Norman), live in Wagoner, Ok. They have two children:-Julia Edith (called Bea), and Marlan Dean.
  7. Francis Abbie, married Byron Williams, live near Wagoner, Ok.

H.T. and Clara Wall's children and Grand-children, namely:
  1. Karl Edwin, died a young boy, in Texas.
  2. Lester Kenneth, married, has 2 children, lives in Beaumont, Tx.
  3. Opal, drowned when about 13 yrs. old. In Texas.
  4. Glynn, married, lives in Texas. Dovan, lives in Texas.
  5. Mack, at home with his parents in La Port, Texas.

T.P. Wall (son of James N. Wall who is a brother to my father) married twice. He has one child living-named Annie-by his first wife. Annie is single and lives with her father in Washington, Ga.

His children by his second wife are as follows:

  • James, married, and lives in Washington, Ga.
  • Henry, married, and lives in Washington, Ga.
  • Forest, married, and lives at Thomson, Ga. And Minnie, teaching at Rome, Ga.

    T.P.Wall, my first cousin, was born March 9-1867 (Says J.M.)

    MACK Bentley, my first cousin, was born June 6-1867 (Says J.M.)

    J.M. Wall, my oldest brother, was born Jan. 23-1868

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    John Thomas Wall Sr. was born Aug. 8-1843

    Benjamin F. Wall was born Oct. 25-1839

    Julious M. Wall was born July 15,-1841

    John T. Wall was born Aug. 8-1843

    James N. Wall was born Nov. 26-1845

    Edwin J. Wall was born Nov. 1-1847

    William E. Wall was born Mar. 21-1850

    Florinda C. Wall was born June 10-1852
    (Our father, dear to all-Thomas J. Wall-fell asleep in Jesus in the year of our Lord, April 4-1864)

    Julius M. Wall departed this life June 1862

    Edwin J. Wall departed this life Sept. 27-1864

    * Our ancestors cannot be traced farther back than John W. Wall, father of Thomas J. Wall. Our grandfather, J.W. Wall had but one brother and he never married and had no sisters, consequently we have no relatives outside of our grandpa's children which was four boys named Thomas J. Wall, William Wall, Edwin Wall, Evans W. Wall.

    Our Uncle Edwin Wall died young. Our father, T.J. Wall died as stated above.

    Our Uncle William Wall died in 1874 or 75, leaving only one daughter who married a Mr. Jenkins of Alabama. His (William Wall's) son having died in March 1861 or 65. He had but two children.

    Our Uncle Evans W. Wall went to La. when young, and was single. Never heard of him getting married, and have not heard from him in about 35 years.

    (From the star above, to the close of this article is supposed to have been written about the year 1879, while that above the star was written by the same person, John T. Wall, Sr., perhaps several years previous to the 1879-time unknown. - noted by Lessie and Abbie, 1940)

    You can see by this that we have no relatives by the name of Wall, we being a band of brothers that are now living and married.

    B.F. Wall has 6 children, 5 boys and 1 girl.

    J.T. Wall has 6 children, 4 boys and 2 girls.

    J.N. Wall has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.

    W.E. Wall has 1 child, a boy.

    Florinda (Wall) Armor has 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl.

    Edwin J. and Julius M. Wall died during the civil war.

    Eugenious J. and Alexander G. Wall are yet single (at this writing, but they both married later-Abbie), and were our half brothers.

    From the above record any one can see that we have no relatives by the name of Wall except the descendants of our grandfather, John W. Wall.

    The above record was written by my father, John Thomas Wall, Sr., as stated above, and he gave it to my sister Lessie. She found it among her old papers and loaned it to me coppy - so here it is. Aug. 28-1940.     Abbie K. Wall.

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    Children of my Grandmother Wall's brother. I don't know his name. Also, they are first cousins to my father, John T. Wall, and second cousins to me.

    • Ben Wallace and his second wife, named Gussie, died in Texas. Two girls by his first wife live near Marion, La. Two children by his second wife- Gussie live in Texas, they are: Georgia, she married Louis Henderson; and Oliver.
    • Sam Wallace, a brother to Ben, lives in Farmersville, La. (1936)
    • Marion Wallace, brother to Ben, is dead, his widdow-Mat-lives at Duncan, Ok. R. 1.
    • Sallie Reeves, sister to Ben, lives in La. some of her children are named: Carl, married, lives in Monroe, La.; Sam; Clair (son); Reita and Vanna, girls. Cousin Sallie is about 84 yrs. old. (1936).
    • Millard Wallace, Ben's brother, and his wife, Emma, live near Mullins, Texas. Their children are: Boyd, in San Angelo, Tex. Leon, in Sterling City, Tex. Gaudie, at Georgetown, Tex. Grady, at Deleon, Tex. Jeanna, at Brownwood, Tex. Clarence, in Leander, Tex. Myrtle and Josephine in Ballinger, Tex. Mamie in Kieser, Ark. Tom is at home. Gleen died in France in 1918, from wounds received in the last battle. There were 6 boys and 5 girls. I do not know if any or all of them are married, but I suppose nearly-if not quite-all of them are.



    John Edward Bentley married Addeline Arnold of Elbert Co. Ga. They lived and died in Ga. They had 10 children; 6 sons and 4 daughters, namely:

    1. John D. lived and died in Ga. He married, and they had 3 sons- Ed, Tom, John.
    2. Addeline, married Henry Kelley. No children. They died in Ga.
    3. Mack A., he died in an Army Hospital during the Civil War. Single.
    4. Martha Caroline (my mother), married John Thomas Wall. Both died in Texas. See list of children beginning on page one.
    5. Bert, lived and died in Ga. Married, had 2 children:-Mack A. Jr. and Georgia, she married Will Portwood.
    6. Joseph J., married, had no children. They lived and died in Elberton, Ga.
    7. Mildred, never married. Died in Ga.
    8. William C., married Julia D. ----(blank), see list if children below. They lived and died in Ga.
    9. Thaddeus Llewellen, married Annie -----(blank). They had 2 daughters: Pearl E. and Daisy H., and 1 son, Bert who died a baby. They lived and died in Ga.
    10. Ava P., married Allen Poss. They lived and died in Ga. Children named below.

    John Edward Bentley (my Mother's Father) was an Englishman, and his wife, Addeline Arnold, was a Pennsylvania Dutch.

    From the Wall Ancestors we get Irish blood.

    From the Wallace ancestors we get Scotch blood.

    From the Bentley ancestors we get English blood.

    From the Arnold ancestors we get Dutch blood.

    Therefore, we are of Dutch-English and Scotch-Irish descent.


    Children of William C. and Julia D. Bentley-My Mother's brother.

    1. Willia E., lives at Shamrock, Tex. He is married. (R.F.D.#A).
    2. M. Dozier, lives at McLean, Tex. He is married.
    3. Itis, married, lives in Ga.
    4. Jodie, died a child.
    5. Nellie, married. Lives in Ga.
    6. Julius. Lives in Ga.
    7. Maggie Belle. Lives in Ga.
    8. Ada Dell. Lives in Ga.

    Children of Ava P. and Allen Poss-My Mother's sister.

    1. Clara.
    2. Katie J.
    3. Claude E.
    4. Myrtle.
    5. Joe Hubert.
    6. Addie Lou.

    All are in Georgia as far as I know.

    Compiled by Abbie K. Wall while convalescent.


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