Wade - demonstrating how to plow a kayak through mud at Matagorda Bay, TX. We didn't catch much, in fact, I didn't catch anything but I learned a lot about fishing for Redfish from a kayak. And I learned you need wading shoes to walk on oyster beds. Yeoowwww....
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Neal joined Carla and I on a trip to Skiatook Lake where he caught this nice hybrid. I believe that Neal said it was the biggest fish he'd ever caught, but he was probably pulling my leg.
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Paul with his personal best hybrid (right at 10lbs.). Since I didn't have a net on this trip, Paul had quite a scramble getting this fish in the boat. Pulled his shirttail right out.
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Eb invited me to join him and Fred aboard his flat-bottom boat for a striper trip below Swift Park. Using 10 inch shad netted from the river, Eb caught a 14 pound blue, his personal best catfish on a rod-n-reel. The striper never showed up, but the cats made the trip a blast!
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A fall fishing trip below Keystone Dam downriver from Swift Park produced a number of nice striper including this 18 pounder caught by Tony. Water was unusually clear due to no water releases through the dam. Fish were thumping our live shad baits.
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Our friend Shawn has a son that was apparently born to fish. He never quits casting and reeling. And after EVERY cast he exclaims, "I GOT one Daddy, I got one!" The only problem he has, is when he has to go home!
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Carla and I watched Jared shoot his biggest fish yet - a big, dark-colored buffalo weighing around 14 pounds. He also shot a 6 to 8 pound carp and a couple of smaller ones but missed a big, long gar and a few other carp. Lake Keystone-Salt Creek South
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Jared shows his biggest hybrid yet - caught on an early spring morning during a guide trip with Shawn Watkins at Skiatook Lake. My wife set up the trip with Shawn to celebrate my birthday. "Hey Jared, shouldn't that be MY fish?"
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On a May trip to Keystone Dam, Kyle caught his first walleye on a silver "rattletrap" lure. The two pound walleye was swimming the current next to the rocky bank. We left within minutes of his catch to take it home and fry it up. Best tasting fish around.
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Teenagers won't have much to do with their old dad. That is, until old dad catches that first springtime sand bass on the Cimarron River in Oklahoma. Then, they come running to steal his fishing spot.
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Kyle hauled in a good one at Beaver Lake. Would have been a LEGAL catch too, if he'd remembered to bring his brand new license. Fish was released for someone else to enjoy.
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Carla's 12 pound striper caught at Beaver Lake.
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Dan's 12 1/2 pounder that just beat Carla's fish that day.
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Mom's 7 pound striper. Not bad for someone's first striper trip. Especially for a fish from Keystone Lake where there has been some killer summers on the big fish. She even let us release it along with a 4 pounder she caught.
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Carla's 35 pound spoonbill caught at Chouteau Bend where we were sand bass fishing. She accidentally snagged this beauty using 12 pound test line. Fish was released.
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Paul Schlosser invited me to fish with him and his 13-year-old son Blake at Skiatook. Paul fishes for hybrid all over the state, so I gladly accepted, knowing that I would certainly learn a few things and hear some good fish tales. I quickly found out who catches the big fish in this family. Full Photo

One Big Paddlefish! Aaron Glass tries to heft the fish he caught below the Fort Gibson dam.
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Carla's 3 1/2 pound black bass. She caught this big boy on a crank bait at Keystone Lake.
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